Initial Nutrition Assessment

Initial Nutrition Assessment

Firstly, I would like to get to know you better...

The initial consultation applies to all of the nutrition consulting services.

An initial assessment allows me to assess your current condition, symptoms and complaints to formulate a holistic and personalised plan to suit your clinical needs and lifestyle.

This step entails gathering of essential information to build your personal health profile, including current concerns, medical history, medical condition/diagnosis, medications, symptoms, weight, height, motivation, barriers, diet history, mobility, gastrointestinal problems (nausea, constipation, vomiting, diarrhoea), and assessment of nutritional adequacy of the diet. 

You will be asked to complete a 3-5 day food and symptom diary prior to your assessment. This will be used to evaluate nutritional adequacy of the diet, and or identify potential nutritional issue that require addressing. 

What to expect during an initial consultation?

During an initial consultation we will discuss your main concerns and formulate a plan of action and nutritional care plan. This might include possible changes to your diet or lifestyle that can be made or discussing the causes of your symptoms in great detail and formulating a plan.

If there is an undiagnosed underlying concern that is not clear, then we we will formulate a plan of action to get you the right tests and diagnosis from your GP/Doctor. Additionally, I may require specific blood tests or investigations for assessment of health status and/or certain diagnosis.

Initial consultations are always better done face-to-face over a coffee or a Skype video call. However, if circumstances do not allow, then it can be carried out in other ways such as telephone or email.

Please note, first consultations are essential in the information gathering process, however it is the first stage and regular follow up and reviews of nutritional plans will be carried out throughout your journey to optimal health.

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27 June 2019


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